About Us

Snuggle moments don’t last forever. We all know how special they are.

One minute you are so immersed into the newborn stage... days and nights roll into one, the endless feeds and countless nappy changes.

Then all of a sudden they change in such little time and we weren’t prepared for it!

They want to do everything themselves, they let go of your hand and run off as you enter the playground, and soon enough, all those cuddles at the beginning begin to fade into just rare precious moments.

RUJO was born from these moments. I wanted clothes that I could snuggle my little boys to absolute infinity in.

Clothes that didn’t restrict the contact and felt soft and cosy like home. Clothes that are that little bit quicker to change baby in to get more time together.

Remembering the times I battled at night with fussy fabrics, RUJO brings you easy yet modern clothing that allows baby to do what baby does best; play, crawl and sleep.

Our garments are handpicked with your family in mind to keep life simple with minimal poppers, easy zips and stretchy fabrics. 

Meaning less time changing baby and more time to play and bond. That is why we are ‘where cuddles last longer’.

Our toddler range is inspired by kids natural need to play, have fun and relax. We are so looking forward to growing this collection in time. 

So, thank you so much for visiting my small business. I hope you adore our products just as much as we do!

Your love makes magic happen,

Zoe x